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What is the best way to maximize the impact of health care and rehabilitative services, especially when the patient has been diagnosed with a life-changing or even life-limiting illness or injury?

Medical professionals are faced with this question on a regular basis, and here’s the answer: through patient-centered care, a service that can only truly be provided by studying, analyzing, and incorporating the motivators, the diagnosis, and the unique characteristics of each individual into intervention. 

Through sharing this story, my hope is that healthcare providers, rehab professionals, students, and others will experience a shift in perspective that will change the way they write treatment plans, provide intervention, and interact with patients and their families, improving the quality of care they are equipped to provide and optimizing outcome.

"A Given Perspective" is the story of a man whose life was transformed in the blink of an eye by catastrophic illness. Even more than that, though, it is a call to healthcare providers and rehab professionals to improve awareness of the importance of recognizing each patient’s story, from his background, to his motivation and passions, to his priorities and goals, given his prognosis.

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