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When my father died only ten weeks after being diagnosed with cancer, I felt completely lost. A search for something - anything - that might help me survive the crushing grief I was experiencing lead me to writing, which eventually lead me to starting this blog. Over the past 4.5 years, through this blog I have shared some of my deepest fears, my shifting emotions, and my turbulent thoughts, all of which have resulted in a change in perspective, one that has not only kept me going in the midst of this grief but has served to lift me up and move me onward.

As a result of the connections I have made through writing, I have decided to use this as a platform to write a book in hopes of increasing the reach of some of the things I have learned since my dad's diagnosis. Some of the story of what my dad and my family experienced during his illness has been included already in what has been written in the blog; however, there is more to come - greater detail, more information, and larger perspective. The blog will eventually be compiled and published as a book, with new content and additional chapters.

IF YOU ARE NEW to this blog and/or to reading blogs in general, you may be interested to know that this blog, like most, is posted in chronological order, with the most current entry posted on the HOME page and the other entries running backwards towards the beginning point of the blog.

To read the blog in chronological order from the start, CLICK HERE.

I plan to post a link to each of the chapters to come in the book as they are compiled and composed.  If you want to read what I've got so far based on the Behind The Scenes story on this blog, CLICK HERE

To follow along as posts are written, type your email address into the box at the top of the column on the right-hand side; this will allow a notification email to be sent to you every time something new is posted on the blog.  If you feel like commenting on any of the entries, please do so!  I am very interested to hear from others whose lives and perspectives have been impacted by GBM and other diagnoses.

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