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"A Given Perspective"

Prologue: A Little Background

Chapter One: From Where We Came

Part 1: Foreshadowing
Part 2: The Fabric of Our Lives 
Part 3: How To Describe My Dad 

Chapter Two

Part 1: Daughtering
Part 2: I Don't Know What's Happening
Part 3: Whew! I Need a Vacation!
Part 4: Numbers
Part 5: Surgery
Part 6: Standing By

Chapter Three
Part 1: A Revised Bucket List
Part 2: Safety First
Part 3: Going to Rehab
Part 4: First Visit with the Oncologist
Part 5: Unclear
Part 6: "Real Cancer"

Chapter Four
Part 1: The Quest for Foster
Part 2: Missing the Boat
Part 3: The Bubble
Part 4: Holding On
Part 5: Shifting a Little at a Time

Chapter Five
Part 1: The Long and Winding Road
Part 2: This Will Be a Great Story Someday
Part 3: Birthday Chemo
Part 4: Erring on the Side of Hope

Chapter Six
Part 1: Bumps in the Road
Part 2: Waiting for the Magic
Part 3: Things That Go "Hello?" in the Night
Part 4: Back in the Ring for Round Two
Part 5: Hoarding Memories
Part 6: A Few Good Days
Part 7: Friends

Chapter Seven
Part 1: A Slippery Slope
Part 2: Changes
Part 3: Battling
Part 4: Falling

Chapter Eight
Part 1: It's Not Your Time
Part 2: Failure to Launch
Part 3: Hanging On
Part 4: ICU 2.0
Part 5: The Fight
Part 6: A Blue Christmas

Chapter Nine
Part 1: The New Deal
Part 2: Supposed to Be Better
Part 3: The Turning Point
Part 4: Gearing Up

Chapter Ten
Part 1: At Last
Part 2: Making It Through the Night
Part 3: Spending Time
Part 4: Paving the Way
Part 5: Rose-Colored Glasses
Part 6: I'll Love You Forever
Part 7: Being Called Home
Part 8: Saying Goodbye


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