Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He Never, Ever Sat It Out

One of my earliest memories is dancing with my dad during the social hour at one of my dad’s business conventions. From the time my sisters and I were little, he let us take turns standing on top of his feet so that we could each get a chance to be his dancing partner. He was undeniably the life of the party at each of our weddings, cutting a rug and entertaining everyone there until the last note of the last song was played at our receptions.

Throughout his life, Dad never missed out on a chance to actively participate, to set goals for himself, or to live life to its fullest. When I hear the song “I Hope You Dance,” I think about how Dad didn’t need the advice that singer is giving out: he never lost his sense of wonder, never took one single breath for granted, never feared the mountains in the distance, never settled for the path of least resistance, and, most of all, he never, ever sat it out.

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