Saturday, April 7, 2012

What’s Next?

I think that, like I do, my mom and my sisters are glad that we were with Dad when he left this world.  (I’m not sure we feel LUCKY about that; LUCKY would have been if he didn’t have to go at all!)  We have all, though, really struggled with flashback images of those last days, hours, and minutes.  I think all in all, though, I haven’t wrestled as much with our his final moments as much I did with the WHY or HOW of so many things, from how such a health-conscious person got such an aggressive cancer to why we had to fight for the many of the services that Dad got while he was sick when they should have been at-the-ready.  

I think the majority of people in my family believe that we will connect with Dad again in some way on some level at some point.  My mom, my siblings, and I have each sensed my dad's presence at different points and in different ways over the past fifteen months, and it comforts us in our grief and keep us going to feel that the potential for more of that exists.  

I realize that some people, even those who believe in heaven, don't believe or aren't sure if there are windows or links between those who are there and those who are here.  

For those who don’t believe that people who have gone on ahead can break through and connect with us, though, here's a story that may change your mind, and I've got another one that's on a more personal level coming up

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