Monday, March 11, 2013

Lucid Dreaming

I've recently started sleeping to the sound of a white-noise program called Brain Waves, which is available as an iPhone/iPad app.

The program is supposed to influence one's state of mind according to the setting selected by the user by playing sounds that are perceived by the brain in such a way that normal brain waves that occur in various mental states are simulated to promote those states in the listener.

The setting I've been using is called Lucid Dreaming.  (You can probably see where I'm going with this.)  Since starting to use this program, I have had lots of dreams, many not really that interesting - but also a few about my dad.

Last night I dreamed that he and I were running together along a country road, counting telephone poles that we passed as we ran, and at some point my dad said, "I guess you can just go along thinking about how many more poles you have to pass before you get to the finish, or you can stop counting and enjoy the scenery instead."  The rest of the dream ended up being pretty monotonous,  with just the two of us running together in silence enjoying the run, but I woke up thinking about what he'd said to me in the dream and the application of those words to my life these days: rushing from deadline to deadline, working to get past one event to the next, thinking mostly about how I can pass through the things that bring me stress or that make me focus more on my grief.  The point is clear: I can choose to continue doing things that way, or I can choose to focus on the good and enjoy each day along the way.

                Good run, Dad; thanks //

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